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I am a traditional blacksmith and engineer based in Gloucestershire, forging wrought iron, steels and alloys for your every need. I design and hand craft bespoke ironwork from traditionally made scroll work to fabricating simple gates.



My name is Shane, I am a traditional general blacksmith, specializing in all aspects of ironwork, from Restoring or conserving historical ironwork, hand forging and designing new bespoke unique ironwork to engineering and fabrication. I can work and form any metals, from iron and steel to a variety of Alloys.

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Education & Experience

I started blacksmithing in 2009, where I then went on to do a 3 year apprenticeship. During this time I learned how to run a blacksmithing workshop, use a hammer, weld and look after the forge and other equipment properly. I then went to Hereford College of Technology to study the trade further and become qualified. At the college I gained a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Blacksmithing and Metalwork; and graduated with the highest marks possible (Triple distinction*).

I am coded and qualified in 3 different types of welding, I hold abrasive wheels and health and safety certificates. During this time at the college I worked alongside David Tucker (renowned leading blacksmith) for my work experience. After Hereford I settled in the Cotswolds where I set up business and started working alongside Ben Prothero (a well respected blacksmith) who is in demand throughout the Southwest. I have since set up my own workshop/forge where I have produced high quality ironwork for architects and interior designers in the capital.

As well as producing work of my own, I also teach at the Rural Agricultural University in Cirencester (at the Rural Innovations Center). I teach welding on a Tuesday evening class and Saturday courses, as well as teaching blacksmithing on the odd Saturday too. I can also teach blacksmithing at private or public events, and have done at summer camps since I started blacksmithing myself in 2009. I teach private lessons at my Forge too.

I offer my services not only in creating new and restoring old ironwork, but I also teach. I can hold workshops for people of most ages, from the age of 12 and up. I can teach an array of forging techniques to a variety of different levels. I can teach beginner, intermediate and advanced blacksmithing classes. My services consist of: teaching, repairing, restoration and conservation of historical ironwork, designing and creating new ironwork such as gates and railings etc, making tools, fabricating and general repair work.

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