Pattern Welded/Crucible steel Knife


These blades are made from mildsteel and 1.2% farrier rasps. They have 80 layers, copper hilt and pommel, you can dissemble and reassemble for cleaning and maintenance. Hardened blade edge to a rockwell 56/58 and tempered spine for durability, strength and long life. These knives come with a sheathe, are made to order and also come with knife care instructions for longevity of the blade. They can come in any shape and size and the price is variable. They are usually around 8″ blade length and 4″ handle. Perfectly balanced and beautiful to hold and use. They are hand crafted to the highest quality with the greatest care and skill. Looked after, one of these knives will be the only one you will ever need or want to use.

Additional information

Hilt Material

Copper, Steel, Stainless

Pommel Material

Copper, Steel, Stainless


Sheathe/Scabbard, No Sheathe/Scabbard

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